Sometimes I write poetry.  It used to be mainly children's stuff when my children were small, but now it can be anything.  So if I write any on our travels and I think they might give you a laugh I will endeavor to publish them on here.


Strong Language is used in this poem, only in the interest of an accurate recounting of the tale.

Oh I've met some people as I've traveled through this land.
Some folks I've met are colourful, and others very bland.

But I have to tell this story that was told to me one day.
By one of those great people that you meet along the way.

They run a park for travelers, an oasis in the dust.
Spring water, toilets, campfires, hot showers it's a must.

But one day there were problems with this woman who called by.
She walked to the gate then halted - Ree couldn't work out why.

"How much is it to stay here?" Hands on hips and legs astride.
Her attitude was full of gall, with a healthy dose of pride.

It's twenty bucks a night here, but that's the rate for two.
We don't have power hook up's, but hot showers and the loo.

"It's Twenty Fucking Dollars George!" she called out to her man.
"And that's without the power, Do we stay or change the plan?"

George answered the affirmative and she said "I guess we'll stay"
"But I think Twenty Fucking Dollars, is still too much to pay!"

Ree counted and breathed deeply to control the growing ire.
She had to curb her tongue and douse the growing internal fire.

Ree showed them the parking spot where they could put their van.
And left before the woman spoke, or the shit would hit the fan!

But then a voice was heard by all yelling out across the park.
"Twenty Fucking Dollars and no power," She had to make her mark.

Then across the park another yell, "These amenities, how's their style?"
"Twenty Fucking Dollars, and I have to walk a mile."

Ree quietly approached the pair and said with voice controlled.
"You're obviously not happy here" an understatement to behold!

"I'll let you know I'm not unreasonable, I will refund you're fee."
"So you can go someplace more suitable and let our campers be!"

"This offer lasts five minutes more, you must make up you're mind."
"But if you make the choice to stay - leave the bitchin talk behind."

She looked aghast and couldn't speak as Ree turned and walked away.
Then turned to George and started, but he just said - "We Will Stay!"

Ree said that many campers return here every year.
To catch up round the campfire with good stories and a beer.

And I guess without these crazies, life wouldn't be quite so bright.
And Ree would have no tales to tell - and I no poems to write!

Beryl Parker 

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